awardAWARD winner
Best entertainment app 2015

From Trophée des apps

Project MyMTV, Client VIACOM int.

MyMTV is the first lean back music TV Channels creator app, ubuquitous and 100% Personnalized.

My role : UX&UI design Lead
My work : Ideas generator, Gamification conception, Discovered and defined users needs and clients objectives, Ideas generation, product and features design,  UX and UI design Lead (5 persons) in an agile workflow.

Define and prototype MVP(Minimal Vital Product) and Best to Have version (product target view).

Delivery : users profiling (persona), gamification rules, user experience map, wireflow, wireframes,  prototyping, users testing, and art direction from ideas generation to development phase.

Methodologies : Benchmarking, Design sprint, Interviews, Focus group, Mobile First.
Workflow : Visual management (Kanban), Lean UX.

download_on_the_app_store_badge_us-uk_135x40 googleplay


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