awardAWARD winner
Best app 2013

From Central Paris incubator 

Project Bobler, Client Bobler.

Bobler is a geolocated vocal social media, you can create geolocate and share up to 2min. recording posts.

My role : UX&UI design Lead
My work : Ideas generator, Brand Art direction, UX&UI design Lead.
Search, Discovered and defined the client objectives and User needs,
created Brand Identity and graphic chart, UX and UI design Lead (5 persons) in an agile workflow.

Define and prototype MVP(Minimal Vital Product) and Best to Have version (product target view).

Delivery : Graphic chart, users profiling(personas), user experience path map, wireframes, wireflow, prototyping and art direction from ideas generation to development phase.

Methodologies : Benchmarking, Design sprint, Interviews, Focus group, Mobile First.
Workflow : Product road mapping, Visual management (Kanban), Lean UX.